A Note to our Employees

Employees of AMG are actually service providers of AMG. In other words we (AMG) are clients of yours. Management of AMG has very high expectations of the service we receive from our service providers. AMG has such a high standard because we expect our clients to be recipients of World Class Service.  AMG expects World Class Service from its service provider I.E. our employees. When we feel we are not receiving the service for which we are paying we become disgruntled, disappointed, and hurt by that failure. We also question the level of care, service and commitment that will be given not only to us but to our clients.

The moral of the story is – Remember that AMG is a client of yours and I am quick to abandon or quit associations with check-out clerks, and others who are not tuned to our needs and serve out of a heart of gratitude, humbleness, and delight. There is nothing I despise more than to be treated poorly by a restaurant waiting staff, or the check-out at the grocery store or clerk at a discount store . It causes me to not tip and/or not return for a long, long time, if ever again. Our success depends on the service we receive from you as your client, just like our clients success depends on our service to them. Are you putting forth a World Class Effort in the  Performance of your tasks

Roger Deets

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