The Fiduciary Experience

What is the Fiduciary Standard of Care?

As fiduciaries, it is our legal obligation to act in your best interest at all times, not only at the onset of our relationship. A fiduciary must always serve the best interest of clients, beneficiaries, and retirement plan participants. This is the best and only way to serve you.

Our Fiduciary Commitment to You

  • We will serve your best interest first and always, without exception

  • We will maintain complete transparency

  • We will always avoid conflicts of interest

  • We will act with prudence, skill, care, diligence, and good judgment

  • You will be contacted regularly for portfolio reviews

  • We will provide full and fair disclosure of all important information

Click HERE to view AMG’s signed Fiduciary Questionnaire

What Fee-Only Means to You

  • We will never accept commissions or compensation of any kind based on where your money is held or which particular investments you hold

  • The only compensation AMG receives is directly from our clients, avoiding conflicts of interest

  • Because we are paid along the way to take care of your assets, portfolios are actively managed and adjusted to meet your specific needs and based on the current economic and market conditions 

  • We will use due diligence to ensure that unnecessary portfolio costs are always avoided

Unsure how your advisor works? Click HERE for a Fiduciary Questionnaire to walk you through the questions to find out.

Click HERE to learn more on how other advisors are structured and how you can tell the difference.

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