As a Fee-Only Investment Advisor, the only compensation we receive comes directly from those who hire us, meaning we do not accept any form of compensation from any third party resulting from trading or where your assets are held. Because of this, we assume a Fiduciary Duty, meaning we must act in the best interest of our clients at all times. As a result, our advice and management is not directed by custodians or brokerage firms who are selling products, therefore aligning our compensation with a portfolio design that is in your best interest. When you hire us to manage your portfolio, you can be assured that our team will advocate for you and only you in all matters of your financial health.

Offering Informed, Qualified Portfolio Management

Your financial health is always our main focus. Under our portfolio management services, we work with you to identify specific goals through our defined financial planning process, and then design a portfolio to help you achieve these goals. Working in partnership, our professional staff regularly reviews your portfolio with you to highlight progress towards your financial plan and field your questions. During these reviews, we will also address any changes in your goals or lifestyle and how these changes affect your financial plan and the design of your portfolio. Our passion towards building a relationship, combined with professional advice, is paramount to building a strong financial future for you.

Our investment recommendations are customized to meet your specific goals. Recommendations are based on several criteria, including:

  • Prevailing market conditions
  • Your investment objectives
  • Your time horizon
  • Your attitude towards risk
  • Your financial situation
  • Your expected return

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