Trust and Estate Income Tax Preparation

Preparing income tax returns for trusts and estates can be complex and confusing. We have professionals on our team who are experienced in all aspects of trust and estate administration, including the tax and accounting issues unique to trusts and estates. Our skilled advice is backed up by practical experience and insight to ensure that you, as an executor or trustee, are fulfilling your fiduciary duties in regard to appropriate tax planning and proper tax reporting. We can review the estate or trust documents to confirm the estate or trust beneficiaries are maximizing their inheritance or distributions by minimizing the tax consequences.

Types of matters we can assist you with include:

  • Estate income tax returns
  • Estate tax returns
  • Gift tax returns
  • Simple and complex trust income tax returns
  • Special needs trust income tax returns
  • Qualified disability trust income tax returns
  • Charitable trust income tax returns

We can prepare the tax returns for you and look for efficient tax strategies even if you are already working with an attorney to handle the administration of the estate or trust. We will work closely with your attorney to ensure that your estate or trust is being managed in a way that is most appropriate for your own unique circumstances.

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